BOOK REVIEW- The Toyota Way

Toyota WayDAN’S SCORE: Stars 5.2
The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer
By Jeffrey K. Liker

When you start learning about agile, you are going to hear a lot about Toyota. Toyota and TPS (Toyota Production System) is Agile’s daddy. Its also where Lean comes from. Once I read this book, Agile concepts really started to make sense to me.

Wow. This book is just chock-full of cool stuff.  I had a library copy and made notes all over it. I had to return it and ended up just photocopying sections because there was so much goodness in it.

There was stuff in here that kept me up all night. For instance, Single Piece Flow. I think they should teach that in Agile 101.

Jeffrey Liker

Jeffrey Liker

A few other mentions:

  1. The 5 Whys (or how to get to the root of a problem).
  2. Kaizen (this is where retrospectives in Scrum came from).
  3. How to identify waste and get rid of it.
  4. The concept of Pull (it came from American grocery stores–go figure!).
  5. Kanban is in there (though the concept is different in TPS than it is in the agile world).

There’s also just some good solid ideas of working with a team and businesses–or heck–just improving your life! I highly recommend this to anyone starting out in agile. God, I need to get my own copy and read the thing again. This thing can be studied like a Bible. Go get  yours!



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