The Playground

The Playground

There once was a group of kids on the playground: running around and laughing, swinging on the monkey bars, spinning around on the merry go round.

Sue says, “Hey, why don’t we play a game?” The others ask, “What kind?” Billy suggests they play tag. Everyone’s excited. Ok, what’s the rules? Mary says the big oak tree is base. Danny says you have to count to ten before you start chasing people. They choose the person who is “it” by doing one potato-two potato. The kids are soon hollering and running around the playground.

As they play, they make changes to the rules. Mike says if you say “one to three get off my father’s apple tree” you have to let go of the base. Becky says anything pass the swings is out of bounds. The kids continue playing, having a wonderful time.

Then comes along Mya.

Mya wants to play too. The kid are happy she joins and they continue to play for a little while, having a great time. Soon Mya says, “Billy has been it too many times. Someone else has to be it for now on.”

The other kids are a little surprised by this new rule, but they decide to go along with it so they can keep having fun.

After awhile, Mya says, “Becky, you can’t keep hanging around the base. Its not fair. You have to keep away from the base.”

Becky frowns, but tries to stay further from the base.

The kids keep playing, but they all begin to notice for some reason its not as fun as it was anymore.

Finally Mya tells them, “Let’s stop playing tag. I’m getting tired of it.”

Billy protests. He is still having fun and doesn’t want to stop. Neither does Danny or Mike. Becky is still upset that she has to stay away from the tree and wonders if she doesn’t want to play anymore either. Mike is indifferent, though agrees its not fun like it used to be.

“Let’s not play any more games,” Mya says. “Let’s just play on the playground. We can play tag anywhere.”

Soon all the kids are yelling at each other, all unhappy and ready to go home, where only a few minutes earlier they were having the time of their lives.

What happened?



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